Day 4- Backgrounds and Walk Cycles

This is day 4 of development and day 5 of Lowrezjam and MAGS but I finally found time to post a devlog.

Actually Monthly AGS competition and Lowrezjam entries would be different but working on 2 games is not a good thing. So I decided to do as a suggestion, do 1 entry that fits both! So I am making a 64x64 res game with The Bible theme. 

Day 1: I made bedroom backgrounds. 1st one  is hardworking guy Stan's bedroom and 2nd one is unemployed Stan's bedroom. Poor Stan.

Day 2: I made entrance of Heaven inc.'s office building. Very green, very heavenly, but lies on hell's red roads.

Day 3: Did nothing much. MAde a gui phone and thats it. But my art partner, CassieBSG, worked hard! She made 3D model of Stan and walkcycle of him. Since it is downgraded 3D model, needs a little polishing which I plan to make it at the end f day 4!

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